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Augmented Reality
New technologies are helping evolve a new language for both the arts and industry where experiences coalesce in new and exciting ways.

At the forefront of these technologies are virtual and augmented reality applications designed to enhance user experiences in refreshing and dynamic ways.

With our coding skills and creative curiosity, we deploy these technologies across a wide range of audience experiences from exhibitions to visitor attractions.

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Interactive Video Systems
Our increasingly tech savvy audiences have high expectations when it comes to manipulating content.

Their personal devices are a gateway to incredible digital experiences and we use that same familiar interface to allow them to interact with our installations.

We design installations  that allow audiences to engage with exhibits and alter the look of installations by swiping scrolling, clicking and pinching .

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App Development
As certified app developers we design mobile digital experiences that can be deployed locally, in the cloud or published in the Apple or Google play store.

We develop for both IOS and android platforms and can also provide a white label solution with  backend development and management should you require.

Whether you want a simple web app or a fully augmented experience we provide engaging and intuitive user experiences, packaged and ready to go.

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